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Northgate Dental Contracted Insurance Companies

While we cannot promise to remove all the frustration and confusion surrounding dental insurance, we do strive to make it as easy as possible for you to make good decisions.  We stay as current as possible on changes in the industry as well as to individual policies that we work with.

  • We are very careful about the companies with which we contract.  Many companies have very low contracted fees.  Some schedules are so low that they do not even cover the cost of our materials.  We are committed to providing high quality dental health care to our patients and we constantly review our policies to be certain we can provide high quality care under each policy.
  • If you do not see your policy listed, do not lose hope.  It may be a good policy that we are not aware of it.  Please contact us and Amy will be happy to research the company.  If the fee allowables are reasonable, there is a good possibility we will apply to participate with the plan.
  • If you don't see your plan, we can probably still work with the policy to receive benefits for you.  It is possible that your out-of-pocket may not be much more than if we were contracted.
  • We refuse to contract with companies that require you to go to a specific office.  We believe those policies to be a conflict of interest.

Below you will find a list of companies we work with and the ones we are contracted with.

Each state has its own contract.  Some states reciprocate and others do not.  Please check your policy to determine your benefits.

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