Cosmetic Dentists Case Studies from Northgate Dental in Colorado Springs CO

Some people who have no dental problems come to Northgate Dental because they want their teeth to look differently. Perhaps they do not care for the shape of the teeth or maybe the teeth are a little crooked. Other people come in needing a lot of treatment. For these people, cosmetics is often a byproduct of fixing cavities and missing teeth. Below are several cases, some are strictly cosmetic, for others the new cosmetics are a benefit of fixing cavities.

CROWN LENGTHENING - What is crown lengthening?

Crown Lengthening removes a small amount of gum tissue  above each tooth.  The process exposes the soft part of the tooth root, which necessitates the placement of a crown. Once the crown is in place, the person can now enjoy a smile with beautiful cosmetic proportions.

Each of the individuals you see, chose crown lengthening for different reasons, but all achieved beautiful results.

The crowns you see in these pictures are full 100% porcelain and have no metal under the porcelain.  This process enhances the cosmetics of the crown.




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