What people are saying.....

The staff at Northgate Dental is top notch. They're not there just to get you in and out of the seat, they take the time to get to know you, your family and how to best make you comfortable while being at the dentist office. I'd had plenty of bad experiences in the past with dentists and my last experience with Northgate Dental getting 7 cavities (yes... 7) filled made me a customer for life because they took the extra time and effort to make sure I was comfortable during the procedure.
James C. July 18, 2014 - Google Plus


I am terrified of the dentist but must admit that seeing Dr. Carter and his staff for the first time was actually a pleasant experience. They made me feel not only relaxed but secure...which is hard to do. I have no anxiety about going to my next appointment. Thanks to the entire staff for giving me the courage to continue my treatment.
Vicki N. June 17, 2014 - Google Plus


Wow--what can I say that would accurately describe my experience. Since I was young I have had a deep seeded phobia about the dentist, but the staff at Northgate Dental has been amazing. From the very moment I walked in the door the first day, the staff has greeted me and made me feel so comfortable. Everyone there is warm and welcoming and thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now. Thank you Northgate Dental for giving me my smile back.
Scott F. June 20, 2014 - Google Plus


The best dental experience I have ever had. They are so nice and so professional at the same time. They now do same day permanent crowns which is fantastic. It is so nice to not have to worry about wearing temps and then going back in to get the permanent ones in. Dr. Carter and his staff are the best!
Julie W. June 30, 2014 - Google Plus


The preventative and detailed measures that are being implemented for my care gives me peace of mind. It shows you care! Thank you!!
Nancy S. Apr 25, 2014

The whole staff was great. Wish i could mention every one by name. I hate dentist offices and never look forward to my appointments. In this case it was a great experience. I highly recommend Dr. Carter and his staff.
Shawn S, Apr 25, 2014

Comfortable environment and visit was only as long as it needed to be. Everyone was pleasant.
Dean L., Apr 24, 2014

The staff and Dr. Carter are all fabulous. I have extreme fear when it comes to going to the dentist. Everyone who works here is friendly, kind, and knowledgeable.
Kimberly W., Apr 24, 2014

This office is good for the nervous dental patient. I am not, but it's nice to know that they do everything to make everyone comfortable.
Catherine A., Apr 23, 2014

Great Service and very professional.
Cedric J., Apr 18, 2014

Very professional atmosphere. I found the staff to be pleasant and professional as usual. Everyone seems to have specific roles and carry them out efficiently.
Cliff D., Apr 17, 2014

What I was looking for — I came for a consultation to see if I was going to change to Northgate Dental. I was very pleased with the staff and my treatment option.
Meg G., Apr 10, 2014

Wonderful office staff. — Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Excellent dental knowledge and skill by each employee I have met.
Cindy B., Apr 9, 2014

Everyone was very nice, helpful and non judgemental.I appreciated that because health problems have created a poor dental situation for me and I hesitated to even go to the dentist and have it checked.
Rhonda C., Apr 9, 2014

My teeth are 100% better now. I love my new smile. Now that my teeth are fixed, my diabetes is under control and easier to control. My ACL is now 5.8. Before is was 7.8. I was scared at other offices, but you guys are great! It is like home.
Michael Simpson--June 2013

Everyone was very attentive and considerate--a very happy office with many laughs and smiles. The entire experience was pleasant and everyone made me feel important and comfortable. Thanks to the whole office and staff -- I highly recommend Northgate.
R Gamber--March 2013

The staff worked well with me and my treatment plan. i couldn't have asked for a better plan.
Nicole Brown--January 2013

Every person I have had personal dealins with Dr. Carter, Beverly, Chrissy and front desk ladies, have shown a genuine, caring attitude. Being nice and heloful is the true core of Northgate. Businesses all have a customer first motto, but Northgate takes it to a whole higher level. You guys really care and it shows! I will recommend Northgate to all I know.
M Price--December 2012

I would not smile because of missing teeth. The atmosphere of your office is very welcoming resulting in me feeling pretty relaxed. ...I love you guys. I'll recommend you guys to anybody -- you truly are the best!
G Larken-- November 24, 2012

Very comprehensive, no pressure experience. It's a life changing decision I have to make, and there are a couple options I'm exploring. I'd have no hesitation recommending your practice to others.
R McDonald-- October, 2012

"Everyone is always super friendly, best dentist office I've ever visited."
Edward Angell - May 24, 2012

"I was very impressed with Amanda; she is professional, knowledgeable and friendly."
Kathleen Atkinson – May 10, 2012

"I was terrified to go to my dentist appointment I have had so many traumatic experiences in the past I was just avoiding the dentist all together. I had since a wonderful positive experience here everyone was so nice List and Chris were so understanding and kind it made it possible for me to relax. I don't have any suggestions for changes at this time."
Jamie Bachicha – August 29, 2012

"Excellent staff, made me feel very safe and secure (I have a childhood fear of Dentist). The office is so very warm and welcoming."
Lynette Brown – April 22, 2012

"Thank you for making me feel as if I were your only patient. The sign of a good sale is follow-up. Dr. D and his staff are wonderful in this area. After thirty years I am so proud of my smile. What a great environment. If I were not retired I would apply for a job. AWESOME!"
Dennis Burr – July 21, 2012

"Beverly was sweet and friendly!"
Patty Chapman – October 12, 2011

"Very professional! I look forward to using Northgate Dental as my provider."
Pam Clausen – January 7, 2012

"Ms. Candace really knows her staff and her work performance was impressive. My tooth hurt until I saw her!"
Brian Conner – September 12, 2012

"Everything and everybody was great."
Kara Crews – March 3, 2012

"I was real glas to see my old neighbor working there, Beverly. Beverly, Lisa, and the doctor made it very comfortable to be there. Thanks!"
Michie Cuppy – January 20, 2012

"I was happy with everyone and the Dr. was so nice. I am very happy, thank you all!"
Christine Dean – August 3, 2012

"Amanda provided excellent service and recommendations for my own maintenance. "
Wesley Dixon – October 3, 2012

"Chris explained the benefits of using a more fluoride-concentrated form of toothpaste – which I will begin using."
Wesley Dixon – March 21, 2012

"Always Great! Everyone is always so friendly!"
Michelle Drake – August 2, 2012

"Don't recall names, but the intake person, the hygienist and of course, the doctor were all friendly, informative and altogether professional. "

John Duclos - March 9, 2012

"I loved Chris and her friendliness during the cleaning/checkup. You all make each visit comfortable and even enjoyable!"
Diane Failing – October 1, 2011

"Every one is the best ever, I love the whole team!"
Joe Foreman, – July 5, 2012

"It was the best experience."
Sam Frazier – October 28, 2011

"Everybody I met was great and extremely helpful. I had a lot of anxiety going in and was quickly put at east by everyone with whom I came Into contact. I'll be a patient for life."
Fredrick Garcia – June 3, 2012

"Appreciated the time, thoroughness, and friendliness demonstrated by the dental assistant assigned to me. She did an excellent job."
Elizabeth Gomez – August 17, 2012

"Thanks, Amanda!"
Sharon Hale – September 14, 2012

"Everyone is so kind in the doctor's office. Coming in you are always greeted with a smile. The office staff is really interested not only in your dental health, but your life outside the office. Thank you!"
Andrea Hendrickson – March 21, 2012

"Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I was remembered."
Mary Ellen Hinkle – February 2, 2012

"Nicole was fabulous and friendly, I truly hate that I forgot my Dental asst.'s name, but I'm sure you can check it out. She was adorable, sweet, comforting, and informative."
Dawnne Howard – February 16, 2012

"I enjoy Amanda very much."
Diana Johnson – February 25, 2012

"Very Happy".
Tara Kimberly – December 17, 2011

"I am very grateful for your intentional efforts at making me comfortable, and making me feel very welcome at your office. Please keep up the great work!"
Dr. King - October 26, 2011

"Everything was excellent as usual!"
Heather King – September 24, 2012

"Everyone at the office was personable and they made sure I knew they appreciated my business. I particularly value having a dentist who advises me against unnecessary procedures (cosmetic work, replacing fillings, etc.) That tells me he's interested in the patient not in the fees collected."
Linda Aldich – December 3, 2012

"Very friendly professional staff."
Heidi Allen – April 27, 2012

"Friendly, helpful staff."
Edward Angell – May 24, 2012

"The staff is just wonderful! It was like meeting with friends. I loved that my simple glass of water was in a real glass it felt like a spa experience more than a dentist appointment."
Jamie Bachicha – August 29, 2012

"Everyone is so friendly, it does wonders towards making what is usually an uncomfortable ordeal for me much more pleasant."
Amy Bell – April 7, 2012

"Office staff is friendly. All dental needs/procedures explained in detail."
Robert Bradley – October 8 , 2012

"The staff and the homey atmosphere, I appreciated the understanding of both the doctor and Staff. I have trauma and fear of dentists and dental procedures that have haunted me for over 50 years. I was so very thankful for their professional, patience, gentile and understanding."
Lynette Brown – April 22, 2012

"The interview with the doctor was incredible. Great staff."
Dennis Burr – July 21, 2012

"My visits are always so personal. I really feel at home and that I really couint while I am at my visit. I always look forward to coming back."
Cain, Rebecca – October 2, 2011

"Very “calming” experience at your facility and love the staff!"
Michelle Carter – April 20, 2012

"My wait time was short. Thorough explanations were given. Friendly, efficient personnel."
Patty Chapman – October 12, 2011

"Everyone was friendly and helpful! I am very hopeful that my tooth problem is solved. The doctorr is super!"
Pam Clausen – January 7, 2012

"The Lovely Front Staff. Cyndee was great!"
Brian Conner – September 12, 2012

"Staff were happy and smiley. Environment was modern and clean. Everyone knew my husband had been in already and that I had three chidren with later appointments. That was a great personal touch. Top notch service."
Lousie Cowan – March 10, 2012

"Never experienced dental treatment like it and everyone seems to be really committed and happy at work. The care taken with my three children is especially noteworthy. Thank you for an excellent service."
Lousie Cowan – October 14, 2012

"I felt as though I was the only patient in the office since everyone was so focused on me and what my dental needs are."
Kara Crews – March 3, 2012

"Everyone is friendly, happy, and tries to do a good job! Nice Folks! You have helped me with my oral care habits and fixed my teeth! Thank You!"
Mark Cushman – July 5, 2012

"Northgate Dental creates and atmosphere of caring in a serene, beautiful setting. The staff and doctor are very knowledgeable and take the time to make you feel at east. I have never felt so relaxed in a dental office. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate Northgate Dental a 5+++. Outstanding!"
Lorraine Danzo – November 2, 2011

"During the appointment, you explain what will be done. Everyone is very friendly.!"
Sue Daugherty – August 29, 2012

"All staff are well prepared to accommodate the clients and make us feel at ease, as is always the case."
Wesley Dixon – March 21, 2012

"Everyone is always friendly and knowledgeable. It is great how everyone listens carefully to my concerns."
Michelle Drake – August 2, 2012

"Everyone is so nice and professional. I never thought I would “enjoy” a dental appointment!"
Karen Edie – September 21, 2012

"Friendly, caring, and compassionate staff."
Connie Fontana – January 20, 2012

"Everyone in the office makes me feel comfortable every time I am there, they know how I feel about dental appointments and take great care o me after my hospital visit. I wish this staff would have been there to take care of me it would have been a better stay . Thanks so much for all you do."
Joe Foreman – July 5, 2012

"Staff members are really genuine. Was a very good experience."
Sam Frazier – October 28, 2011

"Paul and Staff are the best there is."
Mark Frymire – January 11, 2012

"I have never been in a more delightful atmosphere – relaxed. I can't even express to you how happy I am with my new teeth. This is the most wonderfully caring experience in any dental office I have ever been in. My new teeth are beautiful and I am just remarkable happy!"
Pamela Jensen – March 22, 2011

"We have been treated with such warmth and respect. Out questions have been answered. Going to Northgate Dental is like going to a 5 start hotel. Staff are wonderful, extremely helpful, friendly and considerate to our needs. We thank each of the staff and the doctor with my appropriation."
Lyn Brown

"Implants on bottom feel like real teeth. Top dentals look natural and function well."
Debra Smith – July 1, 2012

"The atmosphere was relaxing and welcoming. The best of any dentist/orthodontist office that ive seen.. They were polite drank and accommodating. NGD corrected my teeth alignment to a perfect smile. The experience was wonderful and I will recommend NGD without reservation. The office, staff, and therapy were the best that I've seen. "
Tom Taylor – August 21, 2012

"All my life I have had a fear of being in the Dentists chair. Many experiences there have gone from bad to horrific. My exam to determine treatments for my teeth was more pleasant than watching a sunset by the pond in my friend yard. Thank you for finally giving me a reason to get my teeth fixed right."
Alice Scott

"I had some issues with an upper denture and they listened patiently. It was well explained and the staff was responsive to my needs. I have had positive and negative dental experiences in the past but this visit was one of the most positive because I felt like I was listened to and treated as an individual not just another patient."
Kenneth Wilson – July 30, 2012

"The doctor is a master in his craft and has a great staff and office to compliment his profession. I felt cared for and had the best experience of any dentist I had visited in the past."
Lisa Waltman – June 13, 2012

"I was terrified to come in, then the doctor sensed my fear and stopped everything. He was compassionate and understanding. He gave me hope instead of judgment. The entire staff has become like family. I recommend NHD to everyone I know, especially when learning of fears such as I once experienced. I now am the one in the family pictures with the biggest smile."
Nancy Smith – June 1, 2012

"I was very afraid to go to the dentist because of a bad experience getting a tooth pulled. As a result my dental health suffered. My experience with NGD was 100% better and I felt comfortable getting my procedures done. My new dentures look great and I am getting used to have them in. My whole experience with NGD has been great. I would highly recommend NDG to anyone."
Paul Raschhe – April 4, 2012

"Prior back surgery doesn't allow lying back in an exam chair for extended periods of time. My experience was welcoming, empathetic, soothing, and comfortable. Prior horrific dental experiences makes one very apprehensive about seeking routine care – much less extensive procedures. Even though I was very nervous before my initial exam, care from each member of the staff puts me at east. Each aspect of care and encounter with each staff member demonstrates a high level of professionalism and competence. Thanks to everyone for such wonderful care!"
Denise Grayem – January 17, 2012

"I love you all because you have belayed my fears and gave me hope towards keeping my own teeth. God bless you all. You all get an A++ from this professor."
Marie Connor

"It's a great office from the moment you walk in to meeting the doctor and his new dentists and all the staff. They all made me feel more relaxed and like they truly care about my dental needs. I really will have something to smile about!"
Yvette Benakis

"I was surprised how well it went and was pain free, no discomfort. Happy with appearance. Thank you!"
Don Lovell – April 21, 2010

By far the best experience I have ever had at the dentist. Everyone was very friendly, personal, and knowledgeable. My teeth have never looked so good. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Brian Cline – October 26, 2010

"I didn't smile because of chipped teeth and I was so scared of the dentist.  Now I get compliments all the time on my smile.  The best part of the whole process was the sedation.  I don't like the sounds and smells associated with dental work (even fillings), so this way the whole experience is always comfortable for me!"
Karen Strelko -- September 2008

"The doctor is the top of his game — and I tell everyone!  I was so scared when I walked in his office the first time.  I had not been to a dentist in five years.  I never smiled because I had nasty teeth.  Everyone was great, such good listeners.  It was all worth it!!  Love you guys and I'm a great PR girl for NGD — won't shut up. I'm smiling big."
Michelle McWilliams
October 2008

"Finding the doctor and his "family" staff has been truly a godsend.  For 28+ years I have suffered with fibromyalgia — widespread muscle pain and chronic fatigue.  Very little help was to be found, excepting therapies of regular medication, chiropractic, acupuncture, supplements and biofeedback.  I recently asked my family practitioner for testing for sleep apnea due to family history.  Indeed, I had the disorder.  After faithfully wearing a CPAP for 10 months, I seemed to have little help from the CPAP.  Then I learned about the Somnomed.  I made the appointment with the doctor and he asked me to come in first for a consult.  He carefully and caringly worked me through all facets of being fitted, using the appliance and financial support to cover the fees.  I made an appointment, made the commitment, and am now enjoying the freedom of wearing the Somnomed and breathing!!

I love the staff and the doctor. and all their encouragement.  The Somnomed has helped many of my symptoms of fibromyalgia.  I am so very grateful for and happy with Northgate Dental.  They have given me "life and breath" support."

Thank you, thankyou!
Annette Hazuka
Future Executive Senior Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Monument, CO